Нов пост от Henry!

Като гледам пак пропуснах да поствам за нов пост от Хенри.На аз вече побликовах ето гледайте какво е написал Хенри и има снимка:

Pandanda Holiday Treehouses Album

Hello, Panda Friends!I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and awesome weekend! The Christmas Gift is still there under the big Christmas tree in Bear Hollow, if you haven’t gotten it yet. It is something new and unique; there has never been one in Pandanda before – an animated player card Background! I think it’s really cool, and I hope you do, too!

I’ve been showing you how some of the Pandanda Moderators have decorated their treehouses for the holidays. Mod Jozie sent me a picture of hers over the weekend – check it out!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a picture of their own holiday trees! You can see the awesome decorative skills of some of your friends in this Pandanda Holiday Treehouse album. Just click the link to view the album.And it’s not too late to show off your holiday treehouse! Just send us a screenshot of your treehouse that shows the entire screen, all the way from your Panda name in the top left corner to your backpack in the bottom right corner. You can send your picture to screenshots@pandanda.com, and we will add it to the album!

We are also working on an album of the Festive Photo with Your Friends entries. I’ll let you know when we have it ready!

See you later!

Това беше от мен! Успех в панданда!

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